Which website should you get patient reviews on?

I recommend getting reviews on Google. ALWAYS. They own search, they can kill any other reviews site. Go with Google reviews.

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This is the most valuable part of your marketing strategy.

Reviews top them all.

Google (the search master) wants to present the most relevant search results and counts google reviews.

There are some great articles from folks that have dug deeper into this (e.g. here, and here) to find proof.

Of course, before Google went all-in into reviews, ZocDoc and the rest had already been doing it for a while, with a niche of medical SEO and medical reviews.

Google shows its own reviews and on the side results, it also shows reviews from sites it trusts. E.g. see “new york eye and ear”

See how it is showing reviews from Facebook?

That’s the game.

There are a few sites that google trusts reviews from.

Those are the sites you need to consider in your reviews strategy.

In general, you will not be able to nor want your patients to post the same reviews on multiple sites.

It simply is not going to happen because you cannot ping the patient twice to provide the same review on multiple sites.

What you can do instead, is to figure out your patients a bit more and ask for reviews, then let them provide you a review wherever they usually provide reviews.

E.g. for some practices, Facebook users account for more than Google/gmail users.

When you ask for a Google review, google asks the user to login to their google account.

Some people still do not use gmail accounts and don’t have a google account.

Do you want to turn them away?

Same goes for ZocDoc, vitals, Healthgrades.

They ask your patients (that came through them) to provide reviews.

This means that the appointment has to be made on their website (e.g. ZocDoc).

Keep your options open. 

I have personally always concentrated on Google reviews. They own search. I want to be on their platform. Simple.