Get Patients From Use It Or Lose It Campaign

Book patients before the end of year

  • We contact all your patients daily.
  • No phone, software or any other costs to you.
  • Once a patient agrees, we live transfer the call to your scheduler (unless you want us to schedule patients)
  • We manage appointment reminders, no-shows, cancellations.
  • We get paid when patients show up.
  • Your patient data is in HIPAA Secure database.
  • We sign a BAA with you to securely handle your patient data. This protects you from any medical data breach.
  • Your $ 1,000/- deposit is refundable.

    SALES: +1-844-900-2523 | [email protected]

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    Number of eligible patients

    NOTE !! The FSA Carryover Rule

    Pts might be able to carryover up to $500 of their tax-free funds at the end of their plan year into the following year.

    OR – The FSA grace period

    Pts might have a 2.5 month grace period on their FSAs under a cafeteria plan.

    Patients can have only 1 of these 2 options.