Omni Channel Call Center Services

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Providing omnichannel support has become one of the leading priorities for growth oriented companies. Very few call centers can offer omnichannel expertise – primarily because it requires an investment in and commitment to technology.

Our turnkey callcenter company is fully equipped to help you – both for inbound callcenter service (answering services) and for outbound callcenter services as well (e.g. nonprofit fundraising callcenter services, community outreach, telemarketing callcenter services , market research callcenter services etc)

Our omnichannel call center services will help you make your customers’ experiences personal. Leveraging Amazon Connect Contact center technology, we tailor your customers’ engagements across multiple customer journey touch points.

Omnichannel call center Channels we support


Most organizations respond to customer emails too slowly or not at all. What’s worse is that most organizations don’t even know how many emails went unanswered, unattended or unresolved. 

Not responding quickly and proactively to customer emails hurts your brand.

Our turnkey call center CSRs answer your customers’ questions and resolve issues via email, on your behalf. Our highly trained customer service representatives respond to each email fast, reliably, and with empathetic customer engagement. 

We guarantee to increase your customers’ satisfaction and drive customer loyalty.

Live chat

If your organization prefers not losing a single potential customer, offering 24/7 chat support is a must have. In fact, live chat is one of the fastest growing support channels for leading organizations.

Your marketing team has worked hard to get potential customers to visit your website. Are you going to allow the potential customer “walk away” just because your staff doesn’t have the bandwidth to answer questions or help the buyer’s journey outside of your office hours?

Your sales team has worked hard to close the sale. Now your customer has an issue they want resolved. Are you going to create a dissatisfied customer just because your staff doesn’t have the bandwidth to help the customer outside of your office hours?

Sure, AI based chatbots were a great invention, but think about it – how many times has an AI Chatbot really solved your own issues satisfactorily at other websites? 

Our agents interact in real-time with customers using our live chat system or even your live chat technology on your website. This helps your organization help potential customers buy from you and also helps existing customers resolve their issues quickly, satisfactorily.

Text messages 

These days, all of us prefer to communicate with others via text message or SMS. Statistics show that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of their delivery – and over 99% of all text messages are read by the recipient

More and more of our customers are adding this emerging, high-engagement SMS channel to acquire and retain customers for life. However, business leaders are struggling to recruit and retain SMS contact center staff in-house. Add to this the ever changing regulations/ compliance guidelines, phone carriers and their call filtering/blocking features – business leaders simply cannot keep up.

Trust our SMS contact centers to help you manage:

  • SMS regulation and compliance
  • 2 way text communications 
  • Bill payments
  • Marketing campaigns 
  • Customer support
  • Cross-sells/Upsells

Social media 

Customers are taking their brand experiences online – to Twitter, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn , Instagram, etc. Thanks to these public platforms, most comments, questions, reviews are publicly available.

While some business leaders can look at this new channel as a headache, growth focused business leaders consider this as free marketing and public relations building channels. These channels give your organization a chance to reach such massive audiences – not without paying for it via ads.

Smart business leaders look at social media as a perfect opportunity to build loyalty, grow retention, and engage with customers in real-time. Much like email, text messages and chatting, this channel is not as expensive as phone calls. In addition, this channel allows your customer service representatives service more customers in the same time, concurrently. That’s simply not possible with the voice channel.

Our outsourced social media call center agents monitor activity on your social media channels and respond to pre-sales / post sales questions, complaints, mentions and comments. An outsourcing social media strategy sets you apart from your competitors and even reduces your inbound call volumes thereby reducing customer support costs further.