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Running a nonprofit is notoriously a lot of work. By that, a lot of work. We know this space well as our outsourced IT services team has built technology solutions that every nonprofit needs to run their “not for profit” businesses.

Non-profits have to work with limited budgets and manpower, and are usually operating on a “project to project” basis.

Every one of our nonprofit customers are saying the same things – Does that sound familiar to you?

  • “we need more donations”,
  • “we need predictable sources of income”,
  • “we need new donations and cannot keep relying on the same donors every time”
  • “we are not Save the Children or Red Cross, we can’t get access to funds even though we do really good work”

You cannot raise donations, hire volunteers, further your cause effectively if you don’t have a recognizable brand and if you don’t spend time on regimented brand development, you cannot create your brand.

It’s a catch 22 situation. 

The less time you spend on marketing, the harder it is to raise more funds. The harder it is to raise funds, the less time and money you have to spend on marketing.

Good news is – All of these problems CAN solved. All of these challenges start solving themselves once your marketing and fundraising are in good shape. Once your brand is recognizable, people can recall you brand and associate it with the cause you serve.

You need skilled, highly-motivated fundraising agents that can can help your organization build lasting relationships with contributors. You need a team that can laser focus on highlighting the positive efforts of your organization. You need to secure more charitable donations and sustain the impact of your non-profit services. You can do this with your own team or hire a trusted non-profit business process outsourcing organization for fundraising services.

A fundraising call center that uses leading-edge technology can seamlessly collect donor information, automate outbound campaigns, and process donations securely. A fundraising BPO company can help with answering common donor questions, and keep your donor network in the loop via sophisticated outbound engagement with supporters.

A specialized nonprofit business process ours company can help you with:

  • Multichannel outbound donor outreach
  • 24/7 inbound non-profit customer service
  • Outbound solicitation calls according to your specific time selection
  • New donor acquisitions
  • Improve donor retention
  • Seasonal inbound agents during busy times of the year or during marketing blitzes that your organization conducts
  • Conduct marketing blitzes to raise awareness 
  • Much more..