Inbound Call Center Services

Nisos outsourced Answering services

How our inbound callcenter services can help

Our inbound call center service teams are part of our turnkey call center service.

We help assist customers place new orders. Whether it involves resolving customer issues, helping customers with bill payments or answering billing questions, booking customer appointment requests, making reservations or providing general customer support – our call center agents are trained as experts in resolving customer issues.

Customer service 

Providing great customer service actually costs a lot less than delivering bad customer service. You end up spending a lot less on marketing and business development if you provide stellar customer service. With happy customers being your advocates, they end up becoming your best and cheapest salespersons. While on a call with your customers, our agents are trained not to be reactive. Instead, we talk to your customers about the problems they want to solve. Our goal is to show them how your solution can help.

You need to support your customers in the languages and channels they desire. Our bilingual agents do exactly that.

Technical support line

Software is eating the world. Whether it’s a web application, mobile app, smart device, SaaS of any sort, we are all increasingly dependent on software to get our jobs done.

You might have created the best software in the market. You, of course, understand exactly what it does, what problems it solves, how to use it, tips/ tricks to get the most out of it. But, your customers are not experts in your software. Yet you need them to reach your organizational goals.

When your customers are experiencing technical issues, our outsourced technical support teams resolve them as quickly as possible. We strive for first call resolution on each and every call. When customers contact your tech support team they are unhappy, so this is crucial. 

Technical issues arise 24/7/365 – not just in business hours. We help make sure you can provide a support center that’s always available, without eating up your budgets.

Outsourcing your help desk support to an experienced tech support call center in India (like us) helps you save 50-70% on staffing costs. These highly-skilled agents are trained in technical support of your software for your customers.

Appointment scheduling

If you are satisfied with a number of appointments requests you get during business hours, then the service is not for you. However, if you are looking to beat your competition in booking appointments 24 /7, this is near to impossible to do unless you have outsourced appointment scheduling team working on your behalf, 24 /7.

Statistics show, especially with customers that are not technically savvy, their preference is to make appointments over the phone. Customers 10 to have many questions before they make an appointment. This is the main reason why customers 10 to the for phone calls to get real time answers before committing to the appointment. Having a robust online scheduling system only helps the most technically savvy customers.

Outsourced appointment scheduling call center team helps answer all customer questions so they can proceed with scheduling appointments. Our scheduling call center team also assist customers to change and cancel existing appointments. As you are well aware off, every new customer needs to be put through an intake process. This is usually the most time consuming step. Our outsourced scheduling team ensures that customer intake is finished 100% before the customer shows up for their appointment. 

Customer retention

It’s a well documented fact that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. How many customers did you lose today – that you know of? How many customers did you lose today Dash that you do not even know about?

Did you know that you can increase your revenues by 25% or more just via a 5% increase in customer retention? This is because retained customers buy more often and spend more than newer customers. Why not have a dedicated team to keep existing customers happy?

Do you know which of your competitors tried to poach your customer today? Is your relationship with your customer strong enough for them to tell you ? Would your customer tell you the offer your competitors gave them? You’ll never know unless you’re in regular touch.

If you look at your total revenue per day, per month, per year – did at least 80% of it come from existing customers? Did a majority of your new customers come from customer referrals? Satisfied, loyal customers are more likely to refer their friends and family.

Typically, as an organization starts growing quickly, a robust customer support team/strategy are required. Many growth focused organizations tend to forget putting such a team in place – primarily because they don’t have skill, budget nor the bandwidth to pay attention to this particular strategy.

A top call center can help reduce customer churn, improve customer loyalty. Our call center training specifically includes empathizing with disgruntled customers. That’s the key to success. Add to that the fact that our staff are incentivized by customer churn avoidance, they do not have the leeway to be apathetic.

Lead qualification

Are your sales folks spending time on sales qualified leads? Is your marketing team being told that their leads are not qualified enough? That’s the eternal problem. Potential customers or prospects don’t want to spend time interacting with a chatbot or a form answering 20 questions. Sales lead qualification is best done over the phone, speaking to a real human. 

Your expensive sales team should be spending time on closing the deal, not on qualifying the customer. Nothing turns a sales person off more than having to get excited about a lead, and finding out that it’s a waste of time.

According to MarketingSherpa, “61% of B2B marketers send all of their leads to sales even though only 27% are actually qualified”. Not only this, “sales reps ignore 50% of the marketing leads” according to a study by the TAS Group. 

What a waste of a perfectly good budget!

That’s where an outsourced, turnkey call center team can help.  Our team is incentivized by the number of real sales qualified leads they hand over to your sales team. Win win.

We even have our agents generate a qualified lead then warm transfer the caller to your internal sales reps. Whether you’re in the legal industry, education industry, in are selling Medicare products, you’re going to need a lead qualification call center team. We will handover the lead to your sales team with actionable insights.

We take care of lead scoring, nurturing and warm lead . Our lead qualification team will ensure that your CRM is up to date, appointments are set as per your sales team’s availability, all leads are touched and more!

Keep in mind that telemarketing services is similar to this, part of our outbound callcenter services offering.

Answering services 

Customer experience and customer access are even more paramount now than the minute before you started reading this article. Customers shop 24/7, and not just during your office hours. If your digital door is not open 24/7, you are bound to lose to your competitor that provides customer access 24/7.

Providing unfettered customer access, improved patient access and the best customer experience while you are servicing existing customers is nearly impossible. Increasing customer access and bettering customer experience leads to better customer reviews. This inevitably leads to more business. Even small businesses can afford top of the line personalized customer access leveraging answering services.

We answer incoming phone calls for your business 24/7/365 assisting inbound callers by scheduling appointments or answering questions. As needed, we can even triage calls to your on-call staff for immediate service, along with important notes for each call so the caller doesn’t have to repeat themselves.

All these help reduce your call center costs while improving customer service / customer support and ultimately, customer experience.