Debt collection call center services

Nisos Debt collection callcenter services

As a debt collection call center our company is dedicated to pursuing recovery of your outstanding or past due payments. We perform debt collections on fresh and aged accounts.

Typically, we call as first party (ie as an extension of your organization). Even then, we strictly regulate ourselves by the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA). We are firm, but do not use aggressive or abusive tactics against debtors.

An an example, we were able to collect almost $500k outstanding patient dues for an NYC eyecare group practice. Our client did not lose a single patient, despite our having recovered past dues from these patients. That’s the level of training that our agents undergo, before they’re allowed to make collections calls.

Our debt collection callcenter uses any available contact information to try and reach your debtors. While every attempt is made to recover all outstanding balances, sometimes, we can only recover a portion of the outstanding debt. 

Actual collection rates will differ based on how aged the debt is and the debtor demographics we are collecting from. Whether we’re collecting from people with credit card debt, medical debt, insurance debt, B2B debt, HOA debt, rental debts, utilities payments debts, education debt or otherwise – collection rates vary from industry to industry and amongst customers as well.

After authorization from your organization, we can offer customers a monthly or weekly payment plan or to forgive a portion of the outstanding debt in exchange for immediate payment. 

We also ensure compliance with industry standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc as applicable for each customer. Amidst all this, we always keep your reputation as top of our minds.