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Nisos outsourced Answering services

Turnkey callcenter company for varied industries

Our turnkey call center company will reduce no-shows, cancellations, get more appointments, new customers and Google reviews. We guarantee it.

Whether you’re in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, travel or hospitality industry, government entity, nonprofit, education, energy/ utility, insurance, consumer products… We can help with our optimized call center services to help you reduce call center costs.

Nisos Inbound call center services

Inbound Call Center

  • 24/7 – voice, chat, email, fax, SMS, WhatsApp, Google, Facebook
  • We handle Appointment scheduling, Customer service, Customer Intake, Vendors, Partners – pretty much anything you consider important.

Outbound Call Center

Nisos Nisos Outbound call center services
Nisos call center optimization tips

Omnichannel callcenter services

Increasingly, organizations are learning that they need to service customers whenever they want, however they prefer.

With the “always on” consumer moving seamlessly across multiple channels like SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, WeChat, instant messaging, email, social media – business leaders are struggling to satisfy consumers across the varied channels.

Key Performance Indicators

Following are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that many of our customers ask for (we also have separate KPIs for our outsourced medical billing services). We happily comply with these industry standard KPIs. Of course, we can simplify these further by monitoring

  • Customer happiness score (post call surveys)
  • Cost per acquisition

KPI Reporting, Management

  • Weekly with feedback loop
  • Quarterly business reviews
Nisos Inbound call center KPIs

Inbound Call Center KPIs

  • Average Time to Answer
  • Average Abandonment Rate
  • First Call Resolution
  • Transfer Rate
  • Average Handle Time
  • Average Hold Time
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Adherence to Procedures
  • Weekly with feedback loop + QBR

Outbound Call Center KPIs

  • Connection rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Calls per agent
  • Call quality
  • First Call Close
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Adherence to Procedures
  • Weekly with feedback loop + QBR
Nisos Outbound call center KPIs

Talent Management

Talent management, training, are crucial to keeping your customers happy. It is hard work – we are used to it.


  • Training + QA
    • Trainers
    • Quality Assurance
  • Customer teams
    • Team Lead
    • 10 direct reports (max) per lead
    • Team Lead <-> QA (dotted)
  • Call center operations head


  • India
    • Operations
    • Recruitment + HR
    • Training
    • Quality Assurance
    • Contact center
  • USA
    • Sales
    • Account management
Nisos Call Center Talent Management

Recruitment + Training

  • Ongoing recruitment
    • Training batch
    • Shadow / backup batch
    • Replacement/back-fill
  • Daily training
    • New hire
    • New process
    • Cross training
    • Client feedback
    • Internal QA feedback

Recruit To Deploy

  • Recruitment (2 weeks)
    • Organization onboarding (Day 1)
    • Process training (2-3 weeks)
  • Shadow existing team (1 week)
    • Decommissioned OR
    • Join team
  • Team deployment (4/5th week)
    • Daily training / TL feedback
    • Quarterly – exit / continuance

Call Center Technology

HIPAA, SOC2, PCI are crucial for most of our clients. We sign a Business Associate Agreement, Services agreement with clients and take security very seriously.

Healthcare call center technology

Amazon Connect Contact Center

  • For calls, web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business
  • For IVR setup, phone numbers on demand
  • For automated and manual Quality Assurance (sentiment analysis)
  • For Tasks and ACW management
  • For Customer profiles or integrate with client’s CRM
  • Amazon S3 for call recordings storage
  • For Analytics and Reporting
  • For forecasting, capacity planning
  • For compliance and regulations
  • For knowledge base / agent knowledge assistance

Call Center Security

  • No data storage on agent computers
  • Call recordings redact sensitive information
  • Payments via Amazon Connect secure input
  • Remote VPN into client applications
  • Agent IP white listing as required
  • Agent proxies as required by certain applications
Healthcare call center security

Quality Assurance & Service

Quality assurance is part of our offering – not an add-on, as is with many call center companies. Quality assurance is led by technology (Amazon Connect) and verified by our Quality Assurance (QA) Teams.

QA Parameters

  • Opening
  • Probing
  • Communication & Empathy
  • Resolution
  • Script Adherence
  • Closing
  • Compliance

Amazon Connect Contact Lens helps us with quality assurance and call sentiment analysis

Turn Key offerings

  • All Contact Center software we use (dialers, IVRs, recordings, sentiment analysis, analysis, reports etc)
  • All telephony costs
  • Porting in/out of phone numbers
  • Phone number reputation checks
  • Quality Assurance staff + software
  • Staff availability in timezones of customers
  • Back up staff with zero down times