Surgerical – surgical scheduling software

Stop losing money on surgery no-shows, cancellations and delays. We stay on top of your surgical scheduling tasks so you can concentrate on surgical counseling.

Surgical Scheduling Software Benefits

  • Reduce time needed to coordinate each surgery by 50% (average)
  • Reduce surgery coordinator FTE (full time employee) costs
  • Optimize surgery scheduling workflow
  • Automate every step of the scheduling process
  • Increase levels of care coordination
  • Prevent surgery no-shows and cancellations
  • Manage everything in one place – surgery order sets, prior authorizations, post operative care plans etc.
  • Increase surgical volumes
  • Enable surgical services staff to work from any location, add exam rooms!
  • Speed up surgery booking and improve accuracy
  • Free up schedulers’ time to focus on patient counseling instead of data entry work
  • Collaborate between surgeons, schedulers, ASC schedulers, ASC anesthesiologists, supply managers, vendors – all in one place


  1. Interfaces with existing software
  2. Extensive reports
  3. Schedule conflict checking
  4. Inventory management system
  5. Web-based scheduling
  6. Mobile application for surgeons
  7. Free training
  8. Technical support
  9. Seamless surgical scheduling process
  10. Preference cards and order set templates
  1. Surgeon ASC credentialing, schedule, block times
  2. Prior authorizations, benefits verifications
  3. Care team management and communications
  4. Codes for billing
  5. Vendor collaboration
  6. Medical history, Medication reconciliation
  7. Referrals and surgery co management
  8. Schedule and patient information drill down
  9. Surgery scheduling checklists
  10. Custom and standard surgery forms


Is Surgerical HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Surgerical technical design follows Amazon’s Reference Architecture for HIPAA on AWS  and will sign a Business Associate Agreement with you.

What payment methods do you accept?

90 days money back guarantee (no questions asked). 2 year contracts if you choose to continue with Surgerical.

Payments are accepted via credit cards. We process payments via stripe and do not store any card information due to PCI-DSS compliance reasons.

How can I contact the Surgerical team?

Email us by clicking here. We also have a support chat button inside the surgery scheduling software as well. No matter what, we are fanatical about customer support! Our support staff will get back to you asap.

Do I have to install anything?

No. Our surgical scheduling software is entirely web based. Based on the roles you grant your team, your staff can access the software using a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Your entire surgical scheduling process can be web and mobile app based! Since Surgerical is Amazon cloud based, we can handle a surgery center’s case volumes with no scaling challenges at all.

Do you integrate with our EMR

Yes, our surgery scheduling application integrates with most EMRs. We also have direct API partnerships with various EMRs like CareCloud, PracticeFusion etc as well. Using HL7, the EMR integration can also be real-time.

Does Surgerical support pre and post operative workflows

Yes, we understand that surgery scheduling workflow includes various workflows. See how we support preoperative, intra-operative and post operative workflow tasks in real-time.

Surgical scheduling workflow

Handling tasks before surgery

Read more about the various tasks before surgery that our surgery scheduling system helps you with.
Tasks that cover the pre operative surgery scheduling workflow.
1. Updating demographics and insurance details
2. Surgical procedure order(s)
3. Laboratory procedure order(s)
4. Diagnostic/Imaging procedure order(s)
5. Medication order(s)
6. Diet/Nutrition order(s)
7. Referral order for medical clearance from primary are
8. Referral order for medical clearance from specialist
9. Referral order for COVID clearance (currently)


Handling tasks on day of surgery

Our surgery workflow system supports any and all questionnaires your team might be using. Most ambulatory surgery centers or hospitals have their own set of preoperative and postoperative assessment questionnaires. You can create custom questionnaires as well.

Surgical scheduling questionnaires

Handling tasks during surgery

Typically, an ASC or hospital would use their own EMR for handling surgery tasks in their operating rooms. However, if you want to, you can also enter data during surgery in Surgerical itself. 

Handling tasks after surgery

Read more about the various tasks after surgical procedures that our surgery scheduling system helps you with.
Post operative surgery scheduling workflow tasks
1. Update postoperative results
2. Place follow up postoperative appointments orders
3. Place postoperative Nutrition Orders
4. Place postoperative Medication orders
5. Place transition of care referral request order

Do you support surgical scheduling checklists

Yes. We automate a majority of your typical surgical scheduling checklist. This improves your chances of reducing cancellations / delays. Mastering surgical schedules is really a matter of project management. Surgery schedule checklists help tremendously with this.

Surgical scheduling checklist tasks

Handling surgeon block times and schedules

Surgerical helps you customize surgical center physician credentialing / surgical privileges per surgeon. On top of this, Surgerical avoids conflicts by checking the block times your surgeons have available at each one of those surgery centers. This way, you no longer have to maintain physician credentialing spreadsheets with designated block times per surgery center per surgeon. All this can also be updated in real-time.

Can we continue with paper schedules

Yes. While it is in your best interest to move away from paper schedules, your surgeons can still continue to use paper schedules if they truly want to. We make it easy for you to import your paper schedules to Surgerical

Are surgeon preference cards available

Yes. Using surgery scheduling templates and order sets reduce manual labor and errors significantly.

We include Surgery scheduling template for diagnoses, care team, care plan, order sets, tasks and more!

Surgery scheduling template order set

Is surgical team communication supported

100%. See how we support communications with surgical teams, vendors, partners, ASCs, patients, support staff – all in one place.

We suggest you break it down into 3 teams.
Preoperative care team – This team that gets the patient to the operating room successfully, fully prepared.
Peri-operative care team – this team ensures surgery procedure success and patient safety
Postoperative care team – this team ensures postoperative patient success.


How to reduce surgical no-shows

Our surgical scheduling software automatically creates tasks and reminders for you, your patients and your surgery partners. Nothing falls through the cracks. No more spreadsheets. No more surgery no shows. Better operating room utilization, improved patient care without increased headaches!

Surgical scheduling tasks

Shared surgery calendar

Your entire team – right from the surgeon to the surgery scheduler to the biller, to the surgery center team… everyone on the same page, at all times using our surgery scheduling software. Improve your operating room utilization without burying under spreadsheets or paper.

Surgical scheduling calendar

Using ASC surgery forms

You can continue printing your own forms. As long as you use our system and we have the data you want to print in your forms, we will print it. It’s as simple as that. We also convert all your paper forms to digital, no extra charge.

Surgical orders – on paper or web based

Surgeons can keep using paper or use the desktop to order surgeries, tests, pre op etc. Your surgeons would be used to the EMR centered design of our surgery orders. Whether the ordering provider is the surgeon themselves or not, you can order pre operative IVs, tests, equipments, request sales reps to be present, pre operative medications, state surgery urgency – pretty much everything.

Surgical scheduling - add new

How to organize surgery scheduling

Once your provider or surgeon has placed their procedure or surgery order, you have everything you need to start planning the surgery. Plan the pre surgery date/times, post operative date/times, plan for COVID test date/times (we will remind you), plan for medical clearances, get insurance clearances, plan tasks and assign them to your team mates or support staff.

Surgery scheduling workflow system

Capturing postoperative notes for billing

Our surgical scheduling workflow system helps you with your post operative surgical tasks as well. You can take pictures of your patient tickets with your phone and attach those to your surgeries, add voice notes to your surgery record, send everything to your billers – all from one place.

Surgery scheduling software postop

Handling emergency room intake for surgeries

Our surgery scheduling system helps you with emergency intakes as well. Simply use the tool to do patient intakes quickly using a tablet without being bogged down with large forms and a computer. You can always expand further once your patient is in the ward or the operating room

Recording surgery complications

Surgery complications need to be recorded in the postoperative note. See how you can record surgery complications in our surgery scheduling system.

Adding anesthesiologist to care team

Your surgeon would provide guidance for anesthesia – e.g. General-anesthesia, local-anesthetic, sedation, intravenous, epidural, etc. You can (and should) add an anesthesiologist to your care team as well (if you know the anesthetist). If you are working with an ambulatory surgical center or hospital, they can add an anesthesiologist to the surgery order as well.


Managing outpatient surgery / day-surgery

You can handle both inpatient and outpatient surgeries (day surgeries) with our surgery scheduling system. For most ambulatory surgery centers, your case would be a day surgery. Depending on the medical center you are working with, you will have specific forms to fill out. We can convert all your paper forms and keep them updated for you. We support all surgical practices without any workflow challenges.

Managing surgical procedure orders

Surgerical – scheduling software program helps surgical practices plan surgeries of any complexity. Learn how to place surgical procedure orders – including Thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, bariatric surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, elective surgery, laparoscopic surgery etc.

Surgery scheduling software - SX order additional

Handling medical history tasks

We help you with recording the health history of the patient via a questionnaire or using our electronic patient medical records system. While planning surgeries, we help you place medical clearance referral orders as well.

Surgical scheduling patient medical history

Ordering history and physical referral

Our surgery scheduling system manages medical clearance referral orders on your behalf.  Here are tasks associated with the medical referral workflow. Your office may decide on less / more steps.
1. Send fax for Medical clearance referral order
2. Update medical clearance request order with appointment date
3. Notify patient about medical clearance appointment date
4. Send patient reminders about medical clearance appointment
5. Send patient medical clearance appointment prerequisites 
6. Send patient reminders about medical clearance appointment prerequisites 
7. Send fax for medical clearance results
8. Update medical clearance request order with laboratory results


Handling pain management orders

Your surgeon can place orders for pain control, pain medication, pain relief or place a directive to have the anesthesiologist handle pain management entirely. Surgerical lets you operate either way your surgeon chooses.

Ordering pain medications and anesthetics

Your surgeon can (or might) provide specific anesthetics they want to be administered to their patient. See how you can handle ordering anesthetics for a surgery. E.g Ibuprofen, discomfort, pain relief, anticoagulation, antibiotic, nerve-block, nerve blocks. Our scheduling software program handles all types of service request orders.


Ordering preop/postop appointments

Surgerical surgery scheduling system can be used to place any number of surgery related appointment orders. You can place appointment request order(s) within your hospital or request appointments (referrals) from primary care / specialists outside your health system as well. 


Transitioning to primary care

Transition of care referral orders can be placed in Surgerical to ensure smooth transitioning to primary care of the patient. A typical surgical pathway will contain multiple transition points in their care. Care coordination is crucial during these points as this is where the care continuum breaks down. Our surgical scheduling system helps you with transition of care to primary care or specialists with consolidated /summarized care, and also communicate plans for ongoing care management.


Managing post-operative care orders

Following surgery, your surgeon can use Surgerical to place one or more postoperative care orders. You can also choose to create a postoperative care plan using our surgery scheduling system. Surgeons can record their entire post op note in Surgerical itself with details for 
1. Surgery
2. Team
3. Diagnoses
4. Findings
5. Complications
6. Implants / Drains
7. Specimens
8. Anesthesia
9. Inpatient Discharge
10. Recording blood loss details

Surgery scheduling software postop

Ordering/recording vital-signs protocol

Your surgeon can place orders for recording vital signs or place a directive to have the vital signs recorded as per the protocol of the surgery center. Surgerical lets you operate either way your surgeon chooses.

Surgical scheduling patient vitals

Helping patients prepare for surgery

Surgerical excels at helping patients prepare for surgery. Our surgery scheduling software informs patients about what to expect during their surgery, how to handle valuables, and about wearing comfortable clothing. Our software can also remind patients about their arrival time, appointments, medication adherence etc.

Surgical scheduling patient education

Managing Insurance card details

A patient’s insurance is one of the first steps that you would need to handle. Surgerical helps you manage patient’s insurances (primary, secondary, tertiary), automate prior authorizations, pre-certifications, perform benefits verifications etc. 

Surgical scheduling insurance

Patient payments for surgical cases

Surgerical helps you ensure financial guarantees are completed well before the surgery data. If the patient is paying, have them put the deposit down. This is a great way to reduce chances of the patient being a no-show. Our surgical software allows you to accept payments via credit cards or ACH.

Placing operative instructions

Your surgeon can or might place several operative instructions. In addition to placing operative orders, your surgeon can use surgery order notes to place operative instructions. These can include positioning of the patient, surgical preparation orders, surgeon preferences etc. 

Surgery scheduling software - SX order notes

Ordering preoperative tests – EKG, CBC etc

Your surgeon can use the Surgerical templates (surgeon preference cards) to place order sets. Alternatively, they can place orders for preoperative tests individually for each surgery order as well. These include Laboratory orders like CBC, H/H, PTT, PT, Type and screen, CMP, BMP, Sed rate, Potassium, UA, Urine with Reflex, Urine culture and sensitivity, Urine pregnancy etc. or Imaging orders like EKG, X-RAY etc.

Placing preoperative nutrition orders

In most cases, you will have a fasting order. Examples include NPO , NPO after midnight, NPO after midnight except medications, do not eat or drink, clear liquids etc. Sometimes you will also place more elaborate nutrition orders for the surgery.
In our surgery software, we automatically follow these tasks. Your office might have less/more tasks involved.
1. Notify patient about preoperative nutrition instructions 
2. Remind patient about preoperative nutrition instructions adherence


Adding comorbidity related information

Generally, ambulatory surgery centers will not perform surgeries for patients with a major comorbidity / various morbidities. In Surgerical – surgerical scheduling system, your surgeon can (should) indicate a patient’s co-morbidities as well. This assists the surgical coordinator communicate these comorbidity details to the surgery / medical center ahead of time.


Placing surgery implant orders

Your surgeon might place various implant orders for the surgery in question. These can include contact lenses, medical implant devices or tissues to be placed inside or on the surface of the body. Surgeons can also order prosthetics (replacing missing body parts) or DMEs using Surgerical. See how to place surgery implant orders.


Placing surgery equipment orders

Your surgeon will have a pretty long list of equipment that they require for the surgery. We recommend creating surgeon preference cards to include typical equipment orders. This assists in the medical center / surgical center inventory management system staff to be fully prepared for the surgery. These may include ordering a catheter, sterilizers, monitoring equipment, custom procedure trays, surgical instruments, cutting blades, handles, scalpels etc. (examples)


Placing transportation orders

Depending on your patient’s situation, you can use our surgical scheduling platform to manage transportation orders as well. This can include details of who will accompany the patient once they are discharged, arranging Medicaid transportations for the patient, someone to drive the patient home etc.

surgery scheduling software transportation order

Web, email, SMS, phone, fax communications

Surgerical supports all modes of communications between stakeholders. Collaborate between various teams – the patient, the schedulers of the surgery center, your facility, the primary care office, the specialist office, the imaging center, the laboratory facility, the transportation vendor etc. Web, email, SMS, phone, fax communications are fully supported.

Surgical scheduling software - send fax

Communication templates

Our surgical workflow system helps you reduce manual communications via templates. You can send message blasts, ad-hoc and timely personalized communications via email, fax, sms, voice calls, voice notes at scale.

Surgical scheduling software communication templates

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