Surgery scheduling-followups with patient

No shows and cancellations happen – it’s part of the surgery scheduling process. Follow these steps to re-engage patients in their “health”.

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Despite how good your surgery scheduling process is, you are going to have no-shows and cancellations.

This is bad for your practice’s financial health. It is even worse for the patients that actually do need surgery based on their diagnoses.

Ensuring no-shows and cancelled surgeries are great for your medical practice.

You also help your patients’ health if you re-appoint these surgery candidates.

Most surgery coordinators forget to follow up with no-show / cancelled patients. They rarely try to bring them back to the “surgery table” 🙂

You should treat such no-show candidates as any other no-show / cancelled patient appointments.

A gentle nudge / reminder usually gets the job done.

Patients that do not show up for the pre-operative appointments will most likely not show up for their surgeries either – following up with patients to ensure that they do show up for their pre-operative appointment is very important.

Following up and following through this entire process with clear indicators of dependencies helps you do more surgeries.

If you provide full transparency between the patient, surgery scheduler from your practice’s side and the surgery scheduler from the hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center, you will certainly close more surgeries.

You would also need your surgeon to ensure closing the loop on surgery scheduling and successful surgeries.