Should your practice do Social Media Marketing?

Do you have the time to manage and maintain these social media accounts – yes or no? Make a decision and be at peace with it.

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Every medical marketing agency or consultant will tell you that you need to be on social media (e.g. twitter, facebook, instagram etc)..

They are correct – but think it through carefully.

Do you have the time to manage and maintain these social media accounts?

If not, do NOT start yet another channel that’s going to be just a listing/name and have no dedicated efforts put into it.

It’s better to be diligent about marketing on lesser channels with your limited time than to spread yourself thin by having to manage more listings, more social media accounts etc.

Instead of going a mile wide and an inch deep.. Go an inch wide and a mile deep.

If you are deciding to go ahead with social media accounts, then make sure you monitor your activity on it in addition to monitoring your competitors’ activities on these accounts.

Just like above, first, gauge what your competitors are doing.

Don’t do exactly the same thing – you need to and want to stand out, don’t you.

Think about what else you can do to stand out.

These social media sites make it pretty easy to monitor your “social mentions” – there are free tools to do the same as well e.g.

Hope this gets you started.