Nisos Health Care Coordination Network

We handle care coordination on behalf of our participating provider network. There is no charge to joining our network of primary care and specialists.

What we do:

  1. We help your patients navigate care – with PCPs, specialists, labs, social and community services etc.
  2. Our care coordinators call, appoint, follow up with patients until they show up for their appointments.
  3. We handle any inbound/outbound orders you send us (referral orders, labs, community resources etc)
  4. Patients get appointments based on your choice and patient’s preferences (day of week, time of day, location etc.)
  5. We send out visit notes within 24 hours of patient visit
  6. No extra phone, fax, printing costs on your side
  7. Upon signing a Business Associate Agreement, we are able to handle your patient data.

Join our network today

    QUESTIONS? +1-844-900-2523 | [email protected]