Outsourced text customer support services for business growth


HIPAA Compliance built in. Experience with many specialties and primary care. Watch your business grow.


We act as your employee call-off hotline to help with tracking of employee absences, forecasting, and documentation.


You cannot be growing your startup and answering phones all day. Our virtual receptionists offer peace of mind.

Service Companies

Servicing customers and answering calls all day is impossible – let us answer calls. Watch your business grow.


We qualify leads and provide legal intake so you’ll never miss out on new clients. You get fully documented and vetted customers.

Real Estate

Never miss an interested customer. 24/7/365 – we are there for you so you do not have to be ON all the time. Start with a free trial.

Outsourced Text Customer Support FAQs

Do customers really use text messages for support

According to the Pew Research Center, 31% of Americans prefer text messages to phone calls. Gallup reports Texting is the most frequently used form of communication among Americans younger than 50.

If you are not allowing your customers to text you, you are missing out.

How SMS answering service works

1. Your business gets a unique text messaging number. 

2. If we ever part ways, you can port this number and keep it for life.

3. You can market this text messaging number to anyone.

4. Our staff will start answering customer text messages 24/7. No more missed opportunities.

Can customers text your landline?

Yes, they can. When we start our engagement with you, that’s one of the first things we set up for you.

Does text messaging really improve customer satisfaction?

A resounding yes !! Think about yourself. Do you typically send a text message or do you always call someone? When you call a business, do you prefer o be on hold? Or do you prefer answers right away?

Phone customer support is a must-have and is definitely the most personalized channel, but you cannot serve more than 1 caller at a time.

With text messaging? Serve as many customers as you’d like. This follows the same success rate as chat customer support.

Is text messaging HIPAA secure?

If you get permission from your patient to share PHI information before sharing the same over text – it is. That’s the reason to get consent. You can do it in the very first text message itself (automated, ask us how). Or, you can ask for consent if the patient asks to share PHI over SMS.

Why else should I consider text message support for my customers?

Outsourcing and more importantly, offshoring, is typically a lot cheaper than hiring, training, managing, in-house. However, how do you maximize the time and efficiencies of your customer support team?

Contact center companies use the latest cloud contact center technology. This allows us to integrate our automatic call distribution queues with a text response system. In return, you get to maximize contact center agent utilization rates.

Why not have just automated responses after hours?

If that was enough and customers were satisfied, you would not be researching text customer support. Responding to issues with 24/7 live agents will increase customer satisfaction and boost retention.

But I already have staff answering text messages

That’s great! You must have seen the benefits of text customer support then. Now, you are researching because your staff is either not providing the best quality or they are not are able to handle the volume.

You need to either scale up or you need more reliability. That’s why outsourcing to companies like ours that specialize in customer support makes sense.

Can we have our own text answering scripts

Of course! During the training/ free trial, you give us any scripts you’d like us to use. These scripts are used to gather information for your business.

You can also add / change / modify scripts at any time.

How do you pass information back to us

Several ways! We use a CRM for our work anyways. Every call, text message, WhatsApp, fax etc is logged in our CRM. You have access to this 24/7.

If you prefer that we alert you whenever needed, we can call , email or text the correct staff member on your team and pass necessary information as well.

How about urgent text messages  

We triage urgent calls for you. As we work together, you teach us your escalation process. We follow escalation steps to insure that your team is ready to respond to clients, with all the necessary information.

How to monitor communication quality

Our CRM records all calls, all text messages and everything in between. You have access to the same information that we do. You’ll have access to call transcripts as well

How to get data in your own CRM

We can send details and synch with your CRM as well. After the trial period, our IT team sets up the integration with your in-house system or CRM.

Can you operate out of our own CRM

Usually not, unless your text messages volume is very high and you choose to hire our team on a per agent basis. 

We’ve invested a lot in our call center and CRM software. Our IT team also ensures that our system integrates with yours for seamless business operations. 

This is the main reason why we can offer low per minute pricing to you and still remain profitable.

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