Medical Practice Growth – That’s our specialty.

We take your no-shows, cancellations, patients database and convert them into new appointments. We also cold call people and referring providers around your offices to get you new patients.

You do not incur any phone or staff costs. You pay us when patients show up. Try us free for 2 weeks.

Reappointing existing patients – pay only when patient shows up

  1. No show campaigns – we call your no-shows until they show up.
  2. Reactivation campaigns – we reappoint patients you haven’t seen in more than 2-3 months.
  3. Cancellation campaign – we convince patients that cancelled to see you.
  4. Wellness campaigns – we appoint patients for HEDIS measures. Good for business, great for patients, even better for your standing with payers.

New patients – pay only when new patient shows up

  1. Community outreach campaigns – we call people around your office locations informing them about your practice and get you new patients.
  2. Referring provider outreach campaign – we call referring providers around your office locations informing them about your practice and get you new patients.
  3. Patient referrals outreach campaign – we call your happy patients for referrals (friends and family). Then we call these referred patients, telling them about your practice and get you new patients.

There are several more ideas we can share. It all depends on your appetite for growth.

Remote patient intake – pay only for intakes we complete

  1. Save 15 mins per patient visit – we call patients at home, complete their intake (demographics, chief complaint, HPI, medical history, medication history, surgical history, tests/labs, social history – everything).
  2. See more patients per day – No more waiting in your office, your medical assistants simply take vitals, do the necessary tests and go straight to the doctor. Go from seeing 15 patients/day to 50. It’s that easy.

Next Steps

  • Decide how many extra appointments your providers can see per month.
  • Start with a free trial. If you like what we do, set up your deposit and provide us with direct EMR access to appoint patients.

How the free trial works

  • We sign a business associate agreement to protect your patient data.
  • We sign a master services agreement with you.
  • We set up an engagement kick off call to walk your team through the steps, how we work with your team, what to expect, how the process works, to understand the nuances of working with you and your business.
  • Set aside 1 hr block time in the morning and afternoon in your EMR so we can appoint patients.
  • We start appointing patients for you.