Medical CRM software

ezhcrm - HIPAA compliant healthcare CR
ezhcrm - HIPAA compliant healthcare CR

Patient Engagement. Staying in touch with your patients is crucial in the healthcare industry. It’s even more important in the value based world. Our medical CRM helps healthcare teams with these tasks

Pre Visit. From digital patient intake to reducing no shows – we do everything we can to optimize your schedule. Our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software helps you handle patient satisfaction with ease

During Visits. Don’t fret whether it’s an in person visit or a televisit. Our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM system helps your without additional administrative headaches.

Post Visits. Post discharge calls, surveys, review requests, medication adherence and compliance, wellness visits – our HIPAA compliant medical CRM helps with all these tasks.

HIPAA Compliance Core

We follow Amazon’s Reference Architecture for HIPAA on AWS  and will sign a BAA with you. MOST CRM tools are NOT HIPAA compliant – our healthcare CRM is. We connect to most EMRs in the healthcare industry.

Patient Registry / Tracking

Your EPM and EMR store all your patient information. Our HIPAA compliant medical CRM software simply pulls all that data in and helps you tag at your patients in a whole different way.

Referring Provider Tracking

Our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software helps us manage various physician referral sources. Look at your referring providers in a whole different way. Who sends the most referrals? Whose referral volume has slowed down? Who needs to be sent Thank you letters? Who should you meet with?

Find new referring providers

Whether you are digging for referral sources from your patient appointments or you are digging around for referral sources around your offices, we’ve got your back. Healthcare industry data available to the public is notoriously dirty. Our teams maintain clean medical professionals / healthcare providers data.

Patient registry

Our HIPAA compliant medical CRM helps segment your patient data and provider data any way you want. We can use our filter builders to segment your patient data as well. Once we have segmented data the way you want to, we can just save it as a saved search. This way we can always go back to the saved search and be able to see the latest provider / patient information.

Manage healthcare relationships

Medical CRM based campaigns are the heart of medical marketing and customer relationship management in the healthcare industry. Once our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM system has segmented patient data or your provider data, you can create customer relationship management campaigns. We will also warn you if the same patient or provider is in multiple campaigns so you get a chance to remove them from one campaign or the other.

Manage healthcare referrals

Manage all healthcare providers referrals you receive via fax, phone, electronic health records, other referral websites – all in one place. Use our HIPAA compliant healthcare referral management software to track, manage, report on medical referrals. Use your EMR’s referral module and track referrals better.

Manage community outreach

Want more patients? Need to run community outreach campaigns? Use our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM system for mailing postcards, voicemail drops, sending SMS (to mobiles) and a voice call from agents for the last mile.

Contactless Check-in

Improve your customer relationship management efforts with free forms. You can use free appointment request forms available in our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM forms library. We can also create custom appointment forms for your practice for free. Once you have your appointment request form, you can add it to your website. Or, you can send a link of the appointment request form via text message or email to anyone that wants a new appointment.

Digital Patient Intake

Have patients enter their chief complaint, medical history of present illness, medical, surgical histories, insurance information, upload ID cards, social histories etc. This is possible using our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software. All of this saves us 10-12 mins per patient visit. You can save time on the patient intake process and see more patients per day while improving your customer relationship management efforts.

Patient Payments

We allow patients to pre-pay for their co-pay if you use our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software along with our customer engagement software. Your patient statements and patient payment forms can be customized in our healthcare CRM forms library. Patients can also pay their copay while they are at their visit – contactless, just by using the payment link you send them. Take customer relationship management to the next level.

Patient Reviews

Get patient reviews for unlimited locations at no extra charge. Personalize your text or email using our templates or use your own. Send them once a day (to all patients seen) or within 15 mins of your patient leaving the clinic. Your choice. Whether you have one practice location or a hundred, our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM doesn’t set limitations.

Physician Referrals

We make it easy for you to handle all referral sources from one place. As soon as you sign up, our HIPAA compliant medical CRM gives you a referral fax number. All faxes you receive for referrals (including faxes sent by third party referral websites) can all be handled from one website. Your referral partner doesn’t need to change anything about sending you referrals. You can also receive all referral emails at your healthcare CRM inbox itself.

Templates library

Use our template library for appointment reminders, no shows, cancellations, patient balance reminders, recalling patients fallen out of care, satisfaction surveys (CG-CAHPS), reviews requests, payment confirmations, demographics update, insurance update campaigns, consent form signatures, marketing blasts, regular updates, patient check in messages, wellness campaigns – you name it! This alone helps busy medical professionals take care of patient engagement without lifting a finger.

2 way text messages

Just like we use text messages to have multiple conversations with our friends. Busy medical professionals can use web texting software built into our medical CRM software to have multiple conversations with customers / patients anytime, anywhere.

Text Message Blast

Tired of sending messages to customers / patients one by one? Send text messages to ALL your customers / patients in one shot, without being an IT geek. Just use our HIPAA compliant medical CRM to do all the hard work for you.

Text message templates

Tired of typing the same response to customers / patients all the time? With our business texting software you can create quick responses and simply reuse them with one click.

Automated text messages

Do you have to send customers / patients appointment confirmation messages? How about appointment reminder messages? Or automated messages if customers have not kept their appointments? Our crm solution helps medical professionals do all this easily.

Voicemail drops where SMS fails

How many mobile numbers do you really have in your EMR? Our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM solution sends a voice note to those patients with landlines. If patients actually pick up the call, they can then can press 1 to speak to a customer service representative. If patients do not pick up the call, the voice note is left as a voicemail on their answering machine.

Appointment Reminders

Just like your EMR can send appointment reminders, so can we. The difference is that we can send appointment reminders on multiple channels – channels that your patients prefer.

No Show Reminders

Just like your EMR can send no-show reminders, so can we. We can also send appointment no-show reminders on multiple channels that your patients prefer. In addition to that, you can also leverage tried and tested no-show script templates that our patient contact center team uses daily.

Cancellation Outreach

You get the benefit of using tried and tested templates that our patient contact center team uses daily. We reach out to patients on multiple channels – email, SMS, voice etc. Try that with your EMR 🙂

Balance Reminders

Still sending paper statements from your EMR? Ugh. Most of your paper statements are going to the trash. Who reads paper statements these days anyways? Why even spend so much money on paper statements? Use our battle tested balance reminder scripts and deliver it to patients over various channels.

Payment confirmations

You no longer have to send paper statements for payment confirmations either. We deliver them via messaging. Save on paper costs (yes, your EMR does charge you) and stamp costs.

Patient reactivation

Do you have patients that you have not seen in over a quarter? Time to bring them in! Lean on our experience, our scripts, our templates and take care of more patients without the communication overheads!

Satisfaction surveys

Want to know how your staff is doing? Go ahead and ask your patients. Use our templates to create satisfaction surveys that are styled after CG-CAHPS visit type ones. We can deliver your survey over voice and messaging.

Patient reviews requests

Want to collect patient reviews on a daily basis? No problem. Try our patient engagement software, use our templates or create your own! Set it once and forget it. We will even respond to your patient reviews on your behalf in a HIPAA compliant way.

Demographics updates

This alone helps your medical billing team reduce denials. Send automated personalized messages to new patients reminding them to update their demographics. We can deliver this automatically over various channels as well.

Insurance updates

Here’s another one that helps our medical billing team reduce denials. Plus, it also helps your medical billing team find out unused insurance benefits as well. Send automated personalized messages to new patients reminding them to update their insurances. Use our scripts and templates and you will be on your way.

Consent form signatures

The more you communicate with new patients before their appointment, the higher the chances of them showing up. Instead of just communicating with them about their appointment, ask them for various signatures or demographics information to keep them engaged until they show up.

Marketing blasts

From time to time, you can run marketing campaigns to bring patients back to your health system. We make it easy for healthcare organizations to run marketing campaigns without involving your front desk or back office staff even one bit. All delivered across multiple channels.

Practice updates

A new doctor joined? Need to cancel appointments because a doctor has an emergency? Location closed down for a few days because of bed bugs? No problem. In a few clicks, you can send blast of messages to your healthcare organization’s patients.

Patient “checking in” messages

Here’s one trick to engage patients and retain them for life – checking in or touching base with patients shortly after their appointments. It works wonders for patient experience and can be done without much of a hassle at all. Healthcare organizations are usually buried under manual labor work. This is a great way to offload such laborious, time consuming tasks.

Wellness campaigns

It’s a great way for healthcare organizations to take care of their patients and help them avoid bigger health issues in the future. In addition to that, it’s very good for your business as well. We have several campaign templates out of the box waiting for you to use or customize. Risk contracted healthcare organizations can easily see the benefits of such automated care coordination using our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM system.

Personalized phone calls

Callers will get a callback and if calling from a mobile number, they will get an SMS as well. Next time your patient calls, they will hear “Thanks for calling back”. Dealing with dropped calls from patients? Our healthcare CRM system ensures the caller gets a callback. If calling from a mobile number, they get an SMS as well.

Chat to serve more callers

Your front desk can only answer one call at a time. Why not serve more callers via chat? Patients call in, opt to chat from the mobiles – do more with less staff. Want to get satisfaction surveys from patients, vendors, callers? Simple – follow up each communication with a post call survey (opt-in).

Automate most tasks

Impatient patients and callers call back multiple times. This impacts the patient experience. Reduce these duplicate call backs and keep patients, staff happier. Unhappy callers? Unprofessional call staff? Get call sentiment alerts in real time and address it immediately. Spin up voicemails for everyone, transcribe, encrypt and get notified via SMS and email. No more missed or abandoned calls – improved patient experience.

Reduce after call work

Understand why callers call, stop annoying call staff with “why did people call”. Do it automatically with speech recognition and Artificial intelligence! Front desk gets calls for many things but depends on back office to get tasks done. Using Artificial intelligence and speech recognition, create and assign tasks automatically for the back office.