How we work with you

  1. Our transition managers conduct a detailed study of your weekly and seasonal call patterns.
  2. The above step allows us to determine the reason for the call . Here, we introduce our technology innovations to automate some of the call resolutions. This allows us to establish the baseline KPIs (call abandoned rates, call handling times, resolution on first contact, patient satisfaction etc)
  3. At the next step, we port your phone numbers and implement an interactive voice response (IVR) using Amazon Connect. This lets us handle simple queries like directions, appointment date/times, wait lists, balance inquiry and statement requests.
  4. Next, we set up the phone tree as it exists at your location(s) today. Here we add our call center agents to the front of the line. Based on specific queries, our agents can transfer calls back to your staff.
  5. We support English, Spanish and all south asian languages like Bengali, Hindi etc. At this point, we set up language specific phone tree options.
  6. Meanwhile, our transition managers set up a training process to perform knowledge transfer from your existing staff and to set up communication and escalation protocols.
  7. During the knowledge transfer process, we work hand in hand with your current staff and monitor performance indicators along with you.
  8. Once you are satisfied with our call handling capabilities, we transition the entire inbound call center responsibilities to ourselves
  9. At this point, we give you access to the same real-time call management and reporting software solution that we ourselves use.
  10. Moving forward, we continue having brief weekly calls to discuss KPIs