How we work with you

  1. Upon sign up, we ask you about your daily call volumes, language support that you need.
  2. We give you a phone number to forward your calls to. If you are looking for text support, website chat support, email support, fax support – we give you endpoints for all these as well.
  3. During the free trial, our transition managers set up a training process to perform knowledge transfer from your existing staff and to set up communication and escalation protocols.
  4. During the knowledge transfer process, we work hand in hand with your current staff and monitor performance indicators along with you.
  5. Once you are satisfied with our handling capabilities, we transition the inbound call center responsibilities to ourselves
  6. At this point, we give you access to the same real-time contact management and reporting software solution that we ourselves use.
  7. Moving forward, we continue having brief weekly calls to discuss KPIs