How to train your practice for reviews

Conduct a small training session for providers and staff on how to ask for online reviews from patients

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Conduct a small training session for providers and staff on how to ask for online reviews from patients

Make it simple – It should be as simple as

  • Noting if the patient is happy with your provider / their appointment
  • Asking them to confirm that they found everything to be OK
  • If the patients do thank your practice for the great service (staff and providers), ask them gently – “Thank you so much for saying so. If you have the time and don’t mind it, could you please leave us a review on Google or facebook? I can text you the link”..
  • Then proceed to text them the link. Stop right there. Don’t push any more.. The patient will leave a review on their own time.

If the patient didn’t have a good experience, they will tell you that.

At least you have the opportunity to set things right – then and there.

Make sure they are happy before they leave your medical practice.

Designate someone on your staff to monitor your reviews daily

Yes, daily.. It takes 15 mins to do so if you do it on a daily basis rather than waiting for an entire week to wrap it up.

Designate the same person to respond to each and every review (good or bad) diligently.

Teach them how to be very careful about not exposing any PHI information in review responses.

All responses should be generic ones (i.e HIPAA compliant without revealing any PHI).

Your staff cannot confirm that the patient did actually have an appointment at your practice or what they were seen for.

They can only thank the patient for providing a review and to ask them to call the practice to resolve any issues the patient had with your practice – that’s pretty much all you can do in your responses to patients’ reviews.

Designate this person to also respond to SMS and calls

I’ve found that even though you sent an SMS with a review request, patients tend to use that same phone number to call and SMS your practice.

It’s human nature.

Prepare for it and deal with it.

Provide a tool for your staff to send patients reviews links.

Nobody on your staff would want to share their personal cell phone number with patients, so, in all probability, will not send patients SMS from their own mobile.

Give them a tool / software for getting Patient Reviews.

Select a software that integrates with your EMR or at least start with a spreadsheet

The ideal situation is where the reviews software ties in with your EMR to pull all the patient data, be able to send out an SMS within 10-15 mins of the patient leaving your practice.

However, if you do not have that luxury, don’t despair.

At a bare minimum, start with daily spreadsheets of patients that you want to send SMS to.

For this, all you really need to do is to export all patients that were seen today, from your EMR.

These exports are usually in the form of spreadsheets.

Just download the daily spreadsheet, find the mobile number of the patient and prepare to send the review SMS.

That’s it. A daily, regimented practice for getting patient reviews.