How to increase patient loyalty

Move your behavior away from episodic care to “value based continuous care”. You will see increased patient loyalty.

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Most patients experience “episodic care” and think of their relationship with you as “transactional”.

Because that’s exactly how you treat them.

You see the patient, tell them what medication they need to take, send them their own way.

One trick is to stay in touch with your patients without adding a huge burden to your providers.

Here’s another way.

Medication / treatment plan adherence is painfully low.

According to research

Typically, adherence rates of 80% or more are needed for optimal therapeutic efficacy. However, it is estimated that adherence to chronic medications is around 50%. Adherence rates can go down as time passes after the initial prescription is written, or as barriers emerge or multiply.”

You can affect this change in your patients and improve your own practice’s efficacy (and therefore, patient satisfaction) via use of medication-management apps.

There are so many options available (including our treatment plan management service).

Use one of these apps by integrating it with your EMR.

Enroll in a medication adherence program if you can. This will even reduce the time you spend in medication reconciliation.

Give your patients the power to control their health through a mobile app.

Help them and their family keep a track record of their health summary, their test results by using the existing free medical-management apps or use those available in your EMR/EPM.

Move your behavior away from episodic care to “value based continuous care”.

Technology allows you to stay in touch (and top of mind) of your patients on a regular basis, at scale.

Do you really think you will lose your patient to another provider if you are always in touch with them?

You will see increased patient loyalty.