How to claim your practice listing on rating websites

First, claim or own your medical practice listing on doctor reviews websites. This is needed for your patient reviews and marketing strategy.

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Whether you listed your practice on those online reviews websites or not, you will notice that someone or the other might have listed you on those websites (patients).

The first step is to “claim” those listings.

After verifying your practice details, you are allowed to own your own listing on these websites.

Go ahead and do that first.

Regularly monitor these review sites for yourself and your immediate competitors.

You can just set up reminders on your own calendar (or your staff’s) to monitor your online reputation at each one of these sites every 15-20 days.

It’s quite simple and it really does not take you more than 15-30 mins to get it done (each time).

Just create a simple spreadsheet with your listings

12/12/2012, 3 stars

… and so on

Simply bookmark your listings, visit them each time, check your ratings, add an entry to your spreadsheet.

Set up google alerts for your own medical practice

Use google alerts (a little weird, but still works) for yourself and your immediate competitors

You can easily monitor yourself or your practice name using google alerts.

To do, simply go to and type your name on google search.

E.g. “new york ophthalmology” and add an alert

You will start getting alerts whenever that name is mentioned / discovered by google.