How good is your medical practice reputation?

Learn simple steps to start getting more patient reviews. First, understand where you stand with your own practice’s reputation

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You need to have a baseline of where your medical reputation currently is – however good or bad.

The best way to do so is to google your providers and then google your practice as well.

You can google a provider directly .. type any provider name.. eg. “Dr Sheldon Rabin”

Do that for each one of your providers

Google your practice and note the reviews

Google your practice e.g. “new york ophthalmology reviews”.

You need to know where you rank.

If you have multiple locations, then google in each location.

new york ophthalmology, jackson heights
new york ophthalmology, jamaica
new york ophthalmology, Bronx

Note those review counts down

Google your competitor medical practices’ reputation next

You know your competitors within the 4-5 block radius. Drill into that a bit further and truly understand what you are going to have to beat.

Keep in mind that just because YOU think someone is your competitor, it does NOT mean that Google thinks they are your competitor.

So, you are also going to need to figure out who Google thinks is your competitor. In this particular case, you will see that your competitors will always be listed right around your listing as well.

Those are the folks that are constantly going to try to drive google search traffic away from you.

Here’s how you google your competitor’s reviews

Again, note all those down.

Check competition on other websites like ZocDoc, Vitals, Healthgrades

Don’t stop with Google alone.. Try out the others like ZocDoc, Vitals, Healthgrades etc

Healthgrades, for example, is going to “suggest” other doctors right next to your provider’s name..

Keep in mind that these are the folks that are possibly going to get your patient.. While you are not looking.

Decide which online medical reputation websites you care about

You need to decide which websites you are going to monitor and manage your online reputation on.

Of course, the gut reaction is “all of them” – but keep in mind that unless you are using some reputation management software to do this for you, you don’t have unlimited time (nor do your staff) to manage and monitor your listings.

Narrow down on a few choices.

The top ones seem to be:

  • Google local search (of course, google is the king and always will be)
  • ZocDoc – they spend a lot of money on advertising
  • Healthgrades
  • Vitals
  • US Healthcare news
  • RateMDs
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Do NOT forget to check your listing on each one of your payers’ provider directories.

Also, do keep in mind that at a minimum, you need to show up where your immediate competitor shows up (i.e. as many websites) and you should also have at least 1 extra website where you are being listed – where your competition does not.

That’s about all there’s to it.