Deliver the best care, reduce surgery cancellations

Our outsourced surgical scheduling team can be an extension of your surgery scheduling staff or can handle your surgery scheduling end-to-end, remotely. See how we reduce surgery cancellations successfully.

Outsourced surgery scheduling services – Nisos Technologies

How Outsourced Surgical Scheduling works

Outsourced Surgical Scheduling – KPIs

Following are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that many of our customers ask for. We happily comply with these industry standard KPIs. Of course, we can simplify these further by monitoring

  • Patient satisfaction score 
  • Surgeon satisfaction score
  • Clinical partner satisfaction score 
  • No show rate
  • Cancellation rate

Outsourced Surgical Scheduling Reporting + Management

  • Weekly with feedback loop
  • Quarterly business reviews

Surgical scheduling preop tasks we can handle

  • Surgery scheduling based on surgery type, medical priorities, allergies, surgical privileges 
  • Surgeon preference cards maintenance
  • Patient’s signatures
  • Patient questionnaires preparation
  • Surgeon’s signatures
  • Eligibility and Prior authorizations
  • Patient payment collections 
  • Medical clearance appointment and report
  • Pre admission laboratory appointment and reports
  • Pre admission diagnostic appointment and reports
  • Preoperative RX order and adherence 
  • Preoperative diet/nutrition order and adherence
  • Transportation orders as needed
  • Preoperative appointment adherence 
  • Surgery appointment adherence
  • Medication history preparation
  • Specialty history preparation 
  • Allergies list preparation
  • Implants requisition preparation
  • COVID clearance appointment and report
  • Surgery packet preparation per surgeon per block date/time
  • Implant vendor representative communications
  • Surgical care team communications
  • Patient care team communications
  • Vendor team communications

Postoperative tasks we can handle

  • Surgery operative note preparation
  • Surgeon’s signature
  • Postoperative laboratory tests appointment and reports
  • Postoperative diagnostic tests appointment and reports
  • Postoperative RX order and adherence 
  • Postoperative diet/nutrition order and adherence 
  • Postoperative appointment date and adherence
  • Transition of care referrals appointment and reports
  • Surgery co-management referral appointment and reports
  • Recall no-shows and cancellations

Talent Management

Talent management, training, are crucial to keeping your customers happy. It is hard work – we are used to it.


  • Training + QA
    • Trainers
    • Quality Assurance
  • Customer teams
    • Team Lead
    • 10 direct reports (max) per lead
    • Team Lead <-> QA (dotted)
  • Call center operations head


  • India
    • Operations
    • Recruitment + HR
    • Training
    • Quality Assurance
    • Contact center
  • USA
    • Sales
    • Account management
Nisos Call Center Talent Management

Recruitment + Training

  • Ongoing recruitment
    • Training batch
    • Shadow / backup batch
    • Replacement/back-fill
  • Daily training
    • New hire
    • New process
    • Cross training
    • Client feedback
    • Internal QA feedback

Recruit To Deploy

  • Recruitment (2 weeks)
    • Organization onboarding (Day 1)
    • Process training (2-3 weeks)
  • Shadow existing team (1 week)
    • Decommissioned OR
    • Join team
  • Team deployment (4/5th week)
    • Daily training / TL feedback
    • Quarterly – exit / continuance

In House Technology

Our performance is top rated because we use our in-house surgery scheduling software. You and your staff get real time access to everything we do on your behalf – 24/7.

Surgical scheduling calendar
Surgical scheduling calendar
Surgery scheduling workflow system
Surgery scheduling workflow system