Medical answering services

Medical answering services
Medical answering services

Our medical answering services is part of our turnkey call center solutions package. We offer physician answering services for eyecare and cardiovascular practices. We also provide our medical office answering services to group practices, surgery centers and hospitals, pharmacies and other smaller healthcare settings. Leverage our answering service guide to create your own team as well.

you can choose to have 24/7 coverage so you do not miss any potential patients at all. You can opt for business hours coverage or coverage outside of your regular business hours only.

Doctors answering services

We help you get more patient appointments. This requires you to increase patient access well beyond your office hours. The healthcare industry is already struggling to hire and retain staff – do you have the organizational bandwidth to hire / train/ retrain / retain more staff?

That’s where we can help you to increase patient access by answering all incoming patient queries from:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Website chat
  • Telephone
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Faxes

All the information is always available in your EMR, practice management system and our free medical CRM as well.

Medical virtual receptionist activities

We become an extension of your front desk as “medical virtual receptionists”. Alternatively, we can handle this entirely from our turnkey callcenter services as well. We can handle all these outbound medical receptionist activities on your behalf.

Remote patient intake

This alone allowed us to save our customers almost 25 minutes per patient visit. By doing remote patient intake while the patients were at their homes, we get to connect with the patient and reduce no-shows tremendously, because the patient makes a personal connection with your medical practice. We encourage getting this as part of your medical answering services because this helps reduce the wait time and crowding in your waiting areas. This inevitably leads to higher patient reviews.

Our remote patient intake staff will handle the following and enter data into your EMR.

Medical BPO services

Manage all faxes (incoming and outgoing) using our inbound call center services related to

  • Referrals
  • Medical records
  • Vendors
  • Legal requests
  • Prescriptions
  • Managing prescription related calls and faxes
  • Appoint patients not seen in 6 months
  • Confirm prescriptions and if substitutes are allowed based on physician orders
  • Send prescription via fax to pharmacies if they’re not enrolled in eRX
  • Prior authorization requests for specific RX (ePAs)
  • Handle all billing related tasks
  • Calls with billing related queries
  • Payer denials
  • Prior authorizations
  • Eligibility

Surgery coordination

Our outsourced surgical scheduling team starts by entering paper surgery orders to our surgery scheduling system

  • Prior authorizations related to surgery, laboratory, diagnostic procedures, transportation & medication orders
  • Laboratory procedure appointments, reminders, report collections on behalf of patients
  • Imaging / diagnostic procedure appointments, reminders, report collections on behalf of patients
  • Medical clearance, COVID clearance appointments, reminders, report collections on behalf of patients 
  • Medications orders, reminders, adherence confirmation on behalf of patients
  • Transportation appointments, reminders on behalf of patients
  • Patient reminders, status updates, queries
  • Surgery deposit collections, patient signatures
  • Coordination with ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals
  • Post operative documentation gathering, post op instructions
  • End to end surgery scheduling operations