Reduce no-shows

Our turnkey call center team can reduce your no-shows by at least 10%. Dedicated medical answering teams, in-house technology gives us the edge over our competitors. No need to change your EMR – we work with all of them with our medical CRM.

Run a profitable chronic care management program

Our clinical contact center team makes chronic care management programs profitable. We help identify, enroll, monitor eligible patients daily. We work with all CCM vendors and ensure monthly billing requirements are met.

Increase reimbursements by closing care gaps

Care gaps closures require a lot of care coordination. Using our own medical CRM with a patient registry and our dedicated medical call center team helps us beat our competition.

Reduce surgery cancellations

We handle surgery scheduling – end to end, or as an extended surgical scheduling team to your schedulers. We reduce your surgical no-shows, cancellations, delays and manual labor with our own Surgerical software.

Increase annual wellness visit reimbursements

Struggling to complete AWVs each year? Our call center team will ensure patients are booked for their AWVs and they actually show up for their AWVs. You can easily identify revenue opportunities with preventive services.

Increase transition of care reimbursements

Finding it hard to meet TCM requirements? Our medical call center team will work with your team or any TCM software vendor. We ensure that your patients are contacted (interactive contact), non-face-to-face services are provided on your staff’s behalf, and office visits are scheduled without fail.