Healthcare Business & Technology Solutions

Nisos Technologies’ vision is to reduce wasted healthcare spend for select providers, payers and laboratories. It is our mission to lower operational costs by leveraging advancements in cloud technology. Our goals are to be a niche & boutique provider of healthcare technology and business solutions. We have no desire nor plans to be a large outsourcing provider.


NISOS TECHNOLOGIES (NISOS) is a consultant and Healthcare solutions service provider. NISOS provides a wide variety of services in Healthcare IT, Healthcare Administration, Claims Review and Processing and Back Office solutions for Billing/Receivables/Scheduling.


A 100% outsourced or overflow call center for large physician groups, hospitals, and health systems. We help improve the patient experience, reduce leakage, and drive revenue.

  • 99% call-routing accuracy
  • 30 seconds average speed to answer
  • Off-Shore Multilingual Contact Center
  • Full Patient Intake, Care Coordination
  • 24×7 Voice, Website Chat Answering
  • Discharge, Care Gap Outreach, Medication Adherence
  • Surgery Scheduling
  • Appointment scheduling, referrals, billing queries.
  • Eligibility verification, Prior authorizations
  • Prescription refills, triage
  • Account receivables, Denials
  • Past due collections


  • Amazon Athena for Healthcare data analytics
  • Amazon Chime for Telemedicine and reduced telephony costs
  • Amazon Textract for reduced medical faxes processing costs
  • Amazon Comprehend Medical for reduced medical document processing costs
  • Amazon Transcribe Medical for lowest medical transcription costs
  • Amazon Connect for reduced Healthcare Contact Center costs
  • Amazon Pinpoint for lower Healthcare Customer Engagement costs
  • Amazon Quicksight for lowest Healthcare Business intelligence costs
  • Amazon Lambda for lowest hardware expenses
  • Amazon Honeycode for Healthcare Business process management