Convert website visitors with live chat answering

Live chat increases leads, overall customer satisfaction. But businesses do not have the budget to staff their website 24/7. That’s where we can help. We ensure you’re always online.

Frequently asked questions

How our chat answering services works?

We staff your website 24/7 with trained customer service representatives. We create a personal connection with all your website visitors and drive more leads or sales.

During your free trial our IT team will add chat support to your website.

Our staff will start answering customer chats 24/7. No more missed opportunities.

Is our chat answering service multi-lingual

Yes! English? Spanish? Hindi? Bengali? Gujarati? Italian? German? French? Spanish? We’ve got you covered.

During the free trial period we will only be offering live answering in English.

Do you integrate with our CRM?

Yes we do. We can send details and synch with your CRM as well. After the trial period, our IT team sets up the integration with your in-house system or CRM.

Does chat answering service lead to better lead quality

That’s exactly it. Chat bots cannot really guarantee higher quality lead. There’s no way that AI can handle all kinds of questions that a human can. With chat answering services, you get highly qualified leads. You get a much better advertising ROI.

Does your chat answering service have real humans

Yes, that’s the whole point of it. Real humans and not bots providing thoughtless answers. We only hire trained customer service experts.

Why not just hire a receptionist in-house

You would need to hire 3 receptionists to provide 24/7 support. If you have the budget for that, you certainly should hire in-house. You would also need to have coverage for the weeks that each person has paid time off (PTO). That means, you need a minimum of 4 additional staff to answer website queries. You need to train each person, provide them healthcare, computers and all additional overheads.

That’s why most businesses outsource their website chat answering hiring needs to us.

Can you operate out of our own CRM

Usually not, unless your call volume is very high and you choose to hire our team on a per agent basis.

We’ve invested a lot in our call center and CRM software. Our IT team also ensures that our system integrates with yours for seamless business operations.

This is the main reason why we can offer low pricing to you and still remain profitable.

How many chats will you accept from my website?

We can accept only 2 chats at the same time from your website. This means that if 2 website visitors are on your website and start a chat at the same time, the 3rd website visitor will have to wait in queue to be answered by us.

How can your chat answering service know my business

Good question. We don’t. So, during the free trial process, we learn about your business from your website and by additional research (if we have not worked in your industry before).

Think of this as the way you train your own new hires as well. They get to know the business in the first 1-2 weeks. That’s how we operate. In all probability we have already worked in your industry so this is a fast process.

Can we have our own answering scripts

Of course! During the training/ free trial, you give us any scripts you’d like us to use. These scripts are used to gather information for your business.

You can also add / change / modify scripts at any time.

What if your chat answering service doesn’t know an answer

We do the same as your in-house new hire would. During the free trial, we establish escalation points of contact of your business. This is the person(s) that we need to reach out to when we cannot answer questions immediately.

We are also trained to get the name, email and phone number from the website visitor. We explain to these website visitors that we will follow up with them as soon as possible regarding their question.

We never guess the answer, so you are in good hands.

How do you pass information back to us

Several ways! We use a CRM for our work anyways. Every call, text message, WhatsApp, fax etc is logged in our CRM. You have access to this 24/7.

If you prefer that we alert you whenever needed, we can call , email or text the correct staff member on your team and pass necessary information as well.

How about urgent issues

We triage urgent issues by calling your designated staff. As we work together, you teach us your escalation process. We follow escalation steps to insure that your team is ready to respond to clients, with all the necessary information.

How to monitor communication quality

Our CRM records all calls, all text messages and everything in between. You have access to the same information that we do. You’ll have access to call transcripts as well

How to get data in your own CRM

We can send details and synch with your CRM as well. After the trial period, our IT team sets up the integration with your in-house system or CRM.