How to get customers to pick up your calls

Reduce no show rates and customer cancellations by making sure that your appointment reminder calls are being picked up and not going to SPAM. Take these few steps to set up your call center outbound caller IDs and caller ID reputation.

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Reduce no show rates and customer cancellations by making sure that your appointment reminder calls are being picked up and not going to SPAM. Research shows that your call connect ratio increases by 30% if your phone number is reputable.

Maintain your caller ID reputation every day

There are many reasons your customers not picking up your appointment reminder or customer record phone calls. Customers have a lot more options these days to mark calls as spam or filter out calls from unknown callers. Unfortunately this also leads to them ignoring your calls.

There are a few steps you need to take:

  1. Be STIR/SHAKEN compliant.
  2. Make sure you follow TCPA Regulations.
  3. Do not make more than 150-180 outbound calls per phone number you own.
  4. Audit the reputation of your phone numbers daily. We monitor our numbers twice daily on behalf of our customers with Ezhcrm .
  5. Don’t auto dial too many numbers in a short period of time.
  6. Avoid low average call duration – in other words, don’t do short calls. That screams SCAM LIKELY.
  7. Try to increase call completions – don’t do dropped calls, instead , leave voicemails.
  8. Do not call before or after business hours,
  9. While its possible to change your caller ID for each call, don’t use weird / suspicious location IDs.
  10. For campaigns that make high volume of calls, swap out phone numbers as often as possible.

Here’s how to set up outbound caller ID / CNAM in your callcenter software

For this, we ended up using TrueCNAM as it was the fastest and the easiest to do. Registering your numbers doesn’t guarantee legitimacy nor does it really whitelist them. It’s just better than not doing so.

Head over to

Create an account, upload your phone numbers (yes, all of them), add your caller name (short and long) and submit them.

There’s a verification process… and then, you are done.

It takes a bit of time for this to propagate and just like with the rest of the CNAM services, there’s never a 100% guarantee that this will ever be honored.

How to set up caller ID reputation for your callcenter outbound numbers

Hopefully you are doing lots of outbound calling – that’s one reason to use a call center software. In any case, you always want to monitor the caller ID reputation of your numbers.

For this, you can sign up with or you can use again.

Either way, you will get the SPAMScore of your own numbers.

As soon as you see your phone number showing up higher in spam scores, you need to “release” the number in Amazon Connect Contact center and get another number to do outbound calling.

If you do not do this and are using the same phone number for SMS as well, you just got reported as “SCAM LIKELY” for both phone calls and text messaging !