Top Answering Services Company

24/7, multi-lingual support for all your calls, overflow calls, after-hours, weekend calls.

No setup fees. No hidden charges. No additional telephony, security or reporting costs. Risk free trial included.


  • Do not miss a single lead
  • No voicemails. 80% callers hang up on reaching voicemails.
  • Full access to calls, call recordings
  • Integrate with any CRM
  • Risk-free trial.

What we can help with

  • 24 Hour Answering Service
  • After-Hours Answering Service
  • Dispatching Service
  • Emergency Answering Service
  • Weekend Answering
  • Overflow Answering Service

Frequently asked questions

How call answering service works

1. Start with a free trial while you train us on your custom business needs, answering scripts, business processes.

2. Your business gets a unique phone number. Forward calls to this number 24/7, on-demand, overflow, after-hours, weekends or holidays. That’s your choice.

How SMS answering service works

1. Your business gets a unique text messaging number.

2. If we ever part ways, you can port this number and keep it for life.

3. You can market this text messaging number to anyone.

4. Our staff will start answering customer text messages 24/7. No more missed opportunities.

Can we have our own answering scripts

Of course! During the training/ free trial, you give us any scripts you’d like us to use. These scripts are used to gather information for your business.

You can also add / change / modify scripts at any time.

How do you pass information back to us

Several ways! We use a CRM for our work anyways. Every call, text message, WhatsApp, fax etc is logged in our CRM. You have access to this 24/7.

If you prefer that we alert you whenever needed, we can call , email or text the correct staff member on your team and pass necessary information as well.

How about urgent calls

We triage urgent calls for you. As we work together, you teach us your escalation process. We follow escalation steps to insure that your team is ready to respond to clients, with all the necessary information.

How to monitor communication quality

Our CRM records all calls, all text messages and everything in between. You have access to the same information that we do. You’ll have access to call transcripts as well

How to get data in your own CRM

We can send details and synch with your CRM as well. After the trial period, our IT team sets up the integration with your in-house system or CRM.

Why not just hire a receptionist in-house

You can video call or chat with anyone working for you at any time during business hours. However, if you prefer to have your receptionist right in front of you, in your office – you should!

If you’re satisfied with the cost and training overheads that come along with hiring a receptionist in-house, you should not outsource the entire process. Instead, you can hire us to handle your overflow calls, after hours calls, weekend calls.

You can also choose to outsource only specific communication channels to us. E.g. we can handle all your text messages, or website chats , or your faxes, or WhatsApp.. whatever works best for you.

Can you operate out of our own CRM

Usually not, unless your call volume is very high and you choose to hire our team on a per agent basis.

We’ve invested a lot in our call center and CRM software. Our IT team also ensures that our system integrates with yours for seamless business operations.

This is the main reason why we can offer low per minute pricing to you and still remain profitable.