Find, service and retain more customers

We’ve got your back 24/7 – answering calls, website chats, text messages, Faxes, WhatsApp, social media channels. We help you get more qualified leads as well.

All channels ↗

We connect with your customers via every channel. Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, social media.

Customer Service ↗

We service your customers 24/7 so you don’t have to compromise your brand promise.

Marketing ↗

We reach out to your leads, qualify them, connect them with you so you can sell.

Why choose our answering services for your small business

– We are polite, professional call center representatives with a goal to provide outstanding service to your customers
– We represent your company brand by answering questions, handling complaints, and troubleshooting problems with your products and services
– We listen to your clients to understand the reason for their call, address all questions or complaints, and provide an accurate and efficient response
– We respond efficiently and accurately to callers. We explain possible solutions, and ensure that your clients feel supported and valued
– We strive to meet or exceed call center metrics while providing excellent consistent customer service
– We work in a structured framework with readily available information, continual management support, and measurable, achievable goals
– We work weekends
– We respond to inbound customer and partner digital inquiries, using methods and verbiage defined by your team
– We always lead the call but we don’t fail to listen to the voice of the customer
– We provide your customers with a clear picture of your company products and services;
– We ensure that customer requests for appointments and other services are met. We ensure all work is done within the guidelines established by your management
– We identify up-sell opportunities where appropriate
– We always attempt to cross-sell in cases a specific request cannot be met
– We escalate difficult and complex situations to our and your Team Leaders as soon as they arise. We don’t hide any information, nor our mistakes.
– Each one of us (even senior folks) work with Quality Coaches and Team Leaders continually. This helps us evaluate and improve individual performance.
– Each one of us provides both our and your Team Leaders with important observations that we gather from our customer interactions. This helps us offer suggestions to improve your processes, products and/or service offerings.
– It goes without saying that we maintain confidentiality of all company trade secrets and proprietary information. We don’t start without a mutual NDA.

How call answering service for small businesses works

1. Start with a free trial while you train us on your custom business needs, answering scripts, business processes.

2. Your business gets a unique phone number from us. Forward calls to this number 24/7, on-demand, overflow, after-hours, weekends or holidays. That’s your choice.

How chat answering service for small businesses works

1. If you proceed after the free trial, our IT team will add chat support to your business website.

2. Our staff will start answering customer chats 24/7. No more missed opportunities.

How text answering service for small businesses works

1. Your business gets a unique text messaging number.

2. If we ever part ways, you can port this number and keep it for life.

3. You can market this text messaging number to anyone.

4. Our staff will start answering customer text messages 24/7. No more missed opportunities.

Can oursmall business have our own answering scripts

Yes, Of course! During the training/ free trial, you give us any scripts you’d like us to use. These scripts are used to gather information for callers, upsell current customers, handle support queries etc.

You can also add / change / modify scripts at any time.

How do you pass information back to us

We use a CRM for our work 24/7. Every call, text message, WhatsApp, fax etc is logged in our CRM. You have access to this at all times.

If you prefer that we alert you whenever needed, we can call , email or text the correct staff member on your team and pass necessary information as well.

How about urgent calls

We triage urgent calls for you. As we work together, you teach us your escalation process. We follow escalation steps to insure that your team is ready to respond to clients, with all the necessary information.

How to monitor communication quality

Our CRM records all calls, all text messages and everything in between. You have access to the same information that we do. You’ll have access to call transcripts as well

How lead generation for small businesses work

You have access to our CRM and can upload your leads for us at anytime. You can also send us your leads to load into our software.

You choose how you want us to reach out to your leads. We can call, email, text , WhatsApp .. whatever you prefer.

As soon as we have an interested party, we can patch you in or do the intake as you desire. Just let us know.

Using your ownsmall business CRM

We can send details and synch with your CRM as well. After the trial period, our IT team sets up the integration with your in-house system or CRM.

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