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Customer experience requires dedicated teams and technology solutions. Our callcenter and IT teams specialize in delivering the best possible experience to your customers. You can also use our in-depth guides with your own team.

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    • Group practice grows 148.5% in 12 months
    • 85.2% daily patient contribution by our team
    • 25 mins saved / patient / day
    • $340K MIPS penalty avoidance
    • $40/- cost per new patient acquired
    • Payer member engagement mobile app
    • Telehealth platform development
    • Physician referral software development
    • Customer engagement platform development
    • Real time communications platform
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    • Amazon Web Services
    • Gigaspaces
    • The Hinduja Group
    • Magnacare
    • Biocorp Laboratories
    • Largest Chicago Nephrology group
    • Largest NYC ophthalmology group
    • Largest NJ cardiovascular group
    • Mt Sinai Dermatology group